Doing Business In Traverse City 3-26-18 As you move towards a business investment or sale knowing the community you are investing in is crucial. That’s even more important as you look towards the rural communities found in Northwest Michigan. While the rules of engagement look similar the way they are applied can be markedly different.

Three West Commercial is unique in the Northern Michigan market. We know the marketplace and we understand the players that affect your ultimate success. While we are staffed and run by some of the most experienced commercial real estate professionals in Michigan it is the combined services and resources of Three West Commercial that differentiates us from the other companies we compete with. With a focus on the entire process from concept to execution we are far more than a dedicated commercial real estate company, we are your investment partner.

As your partner we must understand your business objectives and then clear a path for you to focus on serving your customer base and reaching both your short, and long term, milestones. This starts with strict attention to detail and a comprehensive background in property acquisition, business planning, market analysis, and even sale of business assets or complete companies.

Strong Leadership – Scott Hardy

Three West Commercial Group recently hired Scott Hardy, a lifelong native of Northern MI, who initially returned to real estate after over a decade in commercial and residential contracting at Arms & Cole Mechanical. Recently honored as a Community Steward for the Traverse Area Association of Realtors and the TCAPS Hall of Fame. Scott is a tireless advocate for the Northern Michigan business community. He is also currently serves on the TC Downtown Development Authority and the TC Chamber, as well as previously serving on the TCAPS School Board, The Women’s Resource Center Board, the GT County PLanning Commission, and the TC City Commission and TC Planning Commission.

Scott has a strong background in commercial contracting as well as the zoning and site approval regulations of local government. He has been an integral part of several new developments proposed for the Traverse City markets and also has regional governmental connections for project approvals. Those connections also extend on to service professionals (General Contracting, Engineering, Mechanical Contracting, and Architectural Design) that can help facilitate site planning through project construction.